Our Mission


A Glimpse of What We Do:  LLHSC is one of the world’s busiest leprosy hospitals – at times the busiest - vying for that “honour” with a leprosy hospital across the border in UP India. LLHSC has an annual patient-flow (in a non-COVID year) of over 1,100 NEW leprosy patients, and over 12,000 total leprosy consultations (new and returning), and over 110,000 outpatient consultations of all types (skin diseases, tuberculosis, typhoid, cholera, malaria, elephantiasis, parasitic diseases etc) including 20,000 children.


LLHSC has  almost 100 inpatient beds ... and an awesome Community Outreach program with 120 Self-Help Groups. LLHSC runs the leprosy program on behalf of the Nepal Government with a catchment area across Province-2 – that includes 8 Districts with a population of 6.01 million, adjacent to the border with India. It has 45% of all new cases of leprosy in Nepal. LLHSC also has a packed Training Program – training Government health workers, doctors and others, including International students.


Nepal Leprosy Trust is a Christian organization that serves people affected by leprosy, as well as other ill, needy, marginalized, disabled and poor.


At LLHSC we strive for the elimination of leprosy and its consequences, through serving people affected by leprosy, Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) and other diseases of poverty, especially those who are disabled, needy, stigmatised and marginalised, by providing (a) good quality preventive, curative and rehabilitative health care, (b) training and capacity building, and (c) a community outreach that promotes health, socio-economic development and human rights, especially through participative community development,



NEPAL LEPROSY TRUST                                                                         Province-2, Dhanusha District, Nepal 



QUICK GLIMPSE  (2-min)  

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View of the Inpatient end of Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital  --   from the hospital water tower
Some of us Docs and Nurses in our special PPEs - hanging onto our precious Oxygen supplies
Enormous 2nd wave of COVID-19 Delta. Late May peak (shown) is then reflected in the June death rates
Soaring total deaths due to COVID
Boom gate down at hospital entrance - no entry without a mask
Once past the Boom gate - you must wash hands at the hand-wash station
Staff nurse Sulo - having an antigen test done in our Lab
Ambulance driver Mangal Bhai - enjoying his 2nd AstraZenica shot
Busy daily Outpatient Clinics - the Ladies line - just before lockdown was imposed
Rice planting in villages around the hospital - the monsoon is approaching
Raining - the monsoon is about to begin - 18 June2021
Ward Round - Staff Nurse Urmila with Dr Prakriti caring for a deep leprosy foot-ulcer
Reconstructive hand-surgery on 10-year old leprosy-affected Saraswati; Dr Krishna, Dr Ananda, with Manisha (anaesthetist)
Daily septic surgery
She has leprosy and open pulmonary tuberculosis - Staff nurse Panina providing compassionate care
Daily outpatient clinics - in (rather hot) COVID PPEs
Nurse Meena provides laughing and stretching exercises (when COVID-group gatherings permitted)
She has Lymphatic Filariasis (elephantiasis) - mosquito borne. Tackling it through our community Self-Help Groups
Tamang children at high remote Kalika School. Earthquake damaged their rough building. We have helped build a new one. Waiting for the monsoon and landslides to clear to visit and run a clinic there again
Due to COVID and repeated lockdowns these very poor village folks have become very needy and malnourished
LLHSC has permission (in spite of lockdowns) to provide food and other relief to the ultra-needy
Food and other basic relief supplies to the very poor and needy
Families like this one depend on food relief to survive
A grateful leprosy-affected widow
Marishman & RadikaMaya - elderly, severely leprosy affected, disabled - their house is collapsing with the monsoon rains. LLHSC provides relief and with church-support has built them a new house
The new house for Marichman & RadikaMaya
LLHSC - Doctors & Nurses - a year ago in lighter PPES - when 1st wave of COVID was not so severe