Our Mission


As one of the world’s busiest leprosy hospitals, with an annual patient-flow of over 1,100 new leprosy patients, 12,300 total leprosy consultations (new and returning), and over 110,000 outpatients visits of all types... and an awesome Community Outreach program with 112 Self-Help Groups ...


Nepal Leprosy Trust is a Christian organization that serves people affected by leprosy, as well as other ill, needy, marginalized, disabled and poor.


At LLHSC we strive to provide compassionate high quality, preventive, curative and rehabilitative health care, and we also work though active community outreach, social support and training programmes.


We aim for the ultimate elimination of leprosy, improved health, development and socio-economic upliftment, capacity-building, and human rights empowerment, especially through participative community development.




NEPAL LEPROSY TRUST                                                                                              Dhanusha District, Nepal 




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Coming to LLHSC by the 7-hour mountainous Sindhuli Road trip? Fab Himalaya views in winter
8-day reconstructive-hand-surgery "bash" - with Dr Donald and his team from UK. An annual event every November
Wide range of hadn reconstructive surgery. Mukesh age 4 has severe burn scars
Gulshan is happy to have had her hands and feet "rescued"
The difficult road to earthquake-damaged Kalika School, in high remote Sindhuli District. It's a 1 hour climb on foot when the road ends
Kalika School kids. The school building is badly earthquake damaged and dangerous. We'll help build a new one.
Kalika School kids - all Tamangs
3rd Grade Kalika School
Busy busy busy daily outpatients clinics throughout the year
Dr Vijay examines a little girl .... is that leprosy or not...?
Our WASH (Water & Sanitation) project is installing handpumps in ultra-poor communities
Tubewell installation - clean water brings health and dramatically reduces disease and mortality especially in children
Lymphatic Filariasis - tackling it through our community Self-Help Groups
There are still hundreds of thousands without adequate shelter due to the massive earthquakes last year. Our relief work continues...
As Himalayan winter sets in many thousands need food, warmth and shelter ... still resulting from the earthquakes
Many thousands need help with shelter as the winter moves in
Christmas at Lalgadh Hospital - our nurses singing Christmas carols
Patients enjoying (especially the sing-along bits) our hospital Christmas programme
Christmas presents for all the patients - lovely warm shawls for the ladies
LLHSC's nurses and doctors enjoy a momo party at the end of the busy hand-surgery bash.
View of the Inpatient end of Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital  --   from the hospital water tower