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Some priorities needing support 


  • Children with leprosy
  • Staff support - new and staff development
  • Infrastructure
  • Support a patient for a month
  • Equipment  - especially for reconstructive surgery
  • Free hospital treatment and services for all leprosy patients
  • Training and Capacity building
  • Scholarships - for especially needy children and children of leprosy-affected parents
  • Community outreach and development - well digging, sanitation, support for desperately needy, capacity development, human rights, literacy, primary health care in remote villages
  • Women and literacy program

Bank Account Details for LLSC - 


for transferring funds electronically t

Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital & Services Centre  - Nepal Leprosy Trust, Nepal



Name of Beneficiary Account:  Nepal Leprosy Trust

Beneficiary Address:               Tutepani 14, Satdobato

Name of Bank:                   Nepal Investment Bank Ltd

Branch:                     Pulchowk Branch, Lalitpur  (or 3412 Durbar Marg)

 A/C No:               7067640

Swift Code:        NIBLNPKT


  • Your support is so very very VERY much appreciated.... it is the way we provide all leprosy treatment and services 100% free.
  • We will always be very pleased to send you a receipt. 
  • We will always be pleased to provide photo and monitoring details of how your funds have been spent. 
  • Thankyou so very very much!

If you prefer, there are alternative bank accounts, from where funds can be transferred to LLSC -

  • NLT/UK account with the NLT/UK Trustees  -  www.nlt.org.uk
  • UBS account (Dr Graeme & Meena Clugston) at World Health Organization, Geneva
  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia account, in Canberra 

​​Please contact us for details


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An NLT/LLSC Visitor Application Form can be downloaded here:  LLSC-Visitor-Application-Form


Briefing Notes for Visitors to LLSC can be downloaded here:  Briefing Notes