Suman Tamang - Support Services Manageri

Ramesh Chaudhary

 Community Program Manager

Dr Graeme A. Clugston - Medical Director

THE TEAM    -   Meet Our Staff                

Medical Team

Nurses & Docs - Inpatient Dept.

Suman & Les - Budget & Finance wizards

Community Dept staff

Suman - Support Services Manager at work

Samuel K.P. Subedi - Outpatients Dept Manager

Dr Krishna B. Tamang Deputy Medical Director

Anita Ghising - Inpatients Dept Manager

Our   Expat" Staff


Meena Pakhrin (Clugston) - Nursing Standards Officer - Nepali

Dr Graeme Clugston - Medical Director - Australian.

Ravi Nepali  - Head of Lab.

& Lab Staff

Pharmacy Staff

Meet Our Senior Management Team at LLHSC

Organisational Oversight  -  Nepal Leprosy Trust (NLT)


NLT Executive Board (all Nepalese - meets quarterly in Kathmandu  -  see below)


Our NLT Trustees in UK and Ireland  (see photos below; also see "Contact Us")


Our NLT Kathmandu Office

NLT Chief Executive Officer  -  Mr Kamal Shrestha



NLT-LLSC employs 120 Nepali staff, and 1½ expatriate (Australian) volunteer mission staff

B.B. Khawas  -  Chairman, NLT Executive Board

Meet our Executives Officers  - the NLT Executive Board - in Kathmandu   

Kamal N. Shrestha - Chief Executive Officer, NLT

Training Staff

Meet our NLT-Ireland - Trustees (Board of Directors)  -  Dublin, Ireland 

Top row (L-R): Mike Winterburn (Chair of the board of directors), Tricia Linehan, Debbie Thomas, Dr. David Weakliam

Bottom row (L-R) Anne Winterburn, Dr. Breda Cosgrove, Sarah Adams and Vera McEvoy (Co-ordinator)


Irish Registered Charity no. 14810 


Meet our NLT-UK - Trustees & Secretariat   -   London, UK

Awaiting updated group pic of UK Trustees


UK Registered Charity No. 1081952

Company Registration No. 4046961