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Professional Experts  -  coming to LLSC to contribute their expertise


In 2013 - 


Dr Donald Sammut - renowned specialist plastic surgeon and hand-reconstructive surgeon. He operates in Bath, Reading and London hospitals, UK. Comes to LLSC every year for an intense 1-2 weeks of hand surgery, for leprosy, nerve damage repair, crush and other injuries, congenital malformations etc.   See:


Dr Nola Lloyd - surgical registrar in hand surgery - comes as part of Dr Donald's team


Dr Fiona Ormerod - a General Practitioner from Bristol UK


Ian Pearson - a dentist in Bristol, with much experience working in remote areas of Nepal




Students, Interns, Post-Grads


In 2013 -


We supervised over 40 students, interns, and visitors - medical students, podiatrists, and others - from various universities around the world including:

  • Medical students, University of Geneva Switzerland
  • Medical students, University of Edinburgh
  • Medical Student, University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Medical students, Cambridge University UK
  • BSc Med Physiology, University of East London
  • Baylor College Medicine, Houston, Texas
  • Podiatry student, University of Salford, UK
  • Medical students, University College London, UK
  • Medical students Keele University, UK
  • Medical students University of Bristol, UK

Other Visitors - anyone interested in ​​​an incredibly busy leprosy hospital, and/or a remarkable participatory community outreach program, &/or an amazing front-line mission work




Dr Donald Sammut - Specialist plastic and hand reconstructive surgeon

Ian Pearson -  Dental surgeon from Bristol

Julie, Emilie, Lucie - 6th year Med Students - University of Geneva

Faezah - podiatrist from Singapore - teaching staff on foot ulcer management


Germain - 4th year Medicine, Plymouth, UK - updates the staff on

obstetric emergencies

Mark - final year Medicine, Keele, UK - reviews anaesthetics

Graeme & James - final year Medicine, Baylor, Houston - review the nutritional advantages of coffee in preventing stroke  

The late terrific Nicolas - 3rd year Medicine, Geneva - assists with a below-knee amputation 

Max - 2nd year Podiatry, Salford, UK - demonstrates on a fellow student a hand-held Doppler for ankle blood pressure assessment

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