TRAINING   -   Capacity Building  & IEC


Self Care Training Unit (SCTU)


Regular 2-week live-in training courses for people affected by leprosy providing training in managing at home and in village life with hand, eye and feet disabilities.

  • In 2013:
    • New trainees plus refresher trainees trained  -  723


Training Courses run at LLSC

  • Government Health Workers (Skin Smear Training)
  • People affected by leprosy - PABL
  • Female Community Health Volunteers - FCHV
  • Faith Healers
  • Community Influential People
  • Teachers
  • District and Municipality officials
  • Comprehensive Leprosy Training - Basic (esp Govt Health Staff)
  • Comprehensive Leprosy Training - Refresher
  • District Supervisor
  • Basic Leprosy Training
  • Mothers Groups
  • Leadership/Management training for Facilitators of Self Help Groups
  • POID Training - Prevention of impairment & disability
  • Medical Officer Training

‚ÄčInformation, Education, and Communication (IEC)

  • Street Drama plays
  • Radio spots (jingles)
  • Brochures, calendars, leaflets

Community Training

  • Wide range of skills and rights-based trainings aimed at stigma elimination ((see RECAIM Project)
  • Wide range of basic training in health, literacy and development in selected poor villages (see VAP Project)

Training, internships & Experience for international students

  • in 2013  -  over 50 international students  - Medical, Podiatry, other, from many centres including - Geneva, London, Edinburgh, Cambridge, Bristol, Texas, Melbourne ... and more


Training Programme   -   Capacity Building & IEC

Self Care Training Unit  (SCTU)  -  Running a 2-week residential training course in which leprosy-affected people learn how to look after their eyes, hands and feet back in everyday village life

Training Course in management for Self-Help-Group facilitators

Street Drama - a dramatic play about leprosy stigma

Training a village womens group in nutrition and antenatal care

Joe - a Medical Student from Bristol University - teaching hands-on cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to our nurses 

Faezah - a podiatrist from Singapore - teaching the staff on ulcer care and foot appliances  

Hem - CDD Manager - training a village Farmers Group (VAP Project) in funds management and micro-credit

Arbind - Head of Training - teaching Female Health Workers from several Districts, in comprehensive leprosy managdement